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Major Security Flaw
Found In Your
Amazon S3 Account...

...and how you are probably losing hundreds,
if not thousands, of dollars because of
people illegally accessing your videos
and podcasts stored on Amazon S3...

Veena Prashanth & Ravi Jayagopal

Co-Founders & Co-Developers
S3MediaVault.com, DigitalAccessPass.com & WickedCoolPlugins.com

Veena Prashanth

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

We love Amazon S3!

"S3" actually stands for "Simple Storage Service".

But I think they should add one more "S" to it and call it....

Amazon "S4"

.... as in "Stupidly Simple Storage Service" (yes, that is really how easy it is to use! :-)

But kidding aside...

There actually is a real critical "S" that is missing here....

The 4th "S"... For "Security"!

No, don't get us wrong. There is nothing "insecure" about Amazon S3 itself.

S3 is built by the same folks who have brought us the incredible Amazon.com web site, storing private user and credit card information of millions of users worldwide. And all that data has never been compromised - not once!

Now imagine buying the world's most Incredible and Amazingly Secure "Super Vault" with state-of-the-art Security, Alarms, Encrypted passwords, Optical- Recognition, "Finger Print" recognition, Gun-weilding Security Guards, the whole works.... and then leaving the Vault Door UNLOCKED and Completely OPEN!

So, it's not Amazon S3 that's "In-Secure".

The "weakest link" here, is... YOU!

Yes, you read that right.

"YOU" are the insecure piece of the puzzle, because you are probably unknowingly making the exact same mistake that thousands of other S3 users are making even as I type this...

...Leaving the Vault Door Wide Open!


WordPress Video Plugin & Player
For Amazon S3

(Now ALSO Works with the amazing JW Player)


A Testimonial...

S3 Media Vault is an essential plugin for anyone using Amazon S3 with WordPress and plugs a major gap in S3 security.

There are other download protector plugins available but I haven't come across any that are so simple to use, so secure (making it impossible to access the S3 content directly) and protects both embedded videos AND downloadable files.

When used in conjunction with Ravi’s Digital Access Pass membership script (also highly recommended) to protect access to the page displaying the video or download links, this plugin provides a totally comprehensive solution making it just about impossible for unauthorized access to your files.

The built in video player is a nice touch and solves another common S3 issue.

Ravi is also exceptionally receptive and responsive to feedback and within hours had implemented some suggestions I made.

A very clever and practical solution to a real problem. Well done Ravi!

Ben M


Watch the video below to see how "Wide Open" most people's Amazon S3 accounts are...


Click Here For A Demo

Feature Summary
FREE Built-in Web Video Player
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Stupidly Simple 5-Minute Installation
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Video-Tags For Media Files
check mark
Link-Tags To Protect Regular Files
(like PDF, Doc, Zip, Exe)
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URL-Tags For Getting A "Secure, Expiring URL"
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Customize "AutoBuffer" and "AutoPlay" separately for each video
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JW Player Support
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Priority Support
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Free Updates & Upgrades for 6 Months
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Feature Details
FREE Built-in Web Video Player

You don't have to hunt for a video player to play Flash/MP4/Mpeg videos on your blog. A free web-video player is built right into S3MediaVault.

Simply upload the video to your S3 account. Set up the plugin, and type in a simple tag (see below) with the video file name into your wordpress post. That's it!

And your "secure" video instantly starts playing in your browser window.

It really doesn't get any simpler than this!

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*Extremely* Simple Setup

1) Upload Plugin

2) Activate Plugin

3) Enter Amazon Account Info

And done!

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Video-Tags For Media Files

Insert videos into WordPress blog posts using just a simple tag. You can further configure the width, height and autoplay, as follows.



(Order: filename,width,height,autoplay,autobuffer)


However, if you want to use just the name of your file, then your tag gets even shorter.


In the above tag, since you are leaving out the additional parameters, the default values will be used for the rest.

width = 480 (default)

height = 360 (default)

autoplay = false (default)

autobuffering = false (default)

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Link-Tags To Protect Regular Files

Use this for not just Video files, but also to protect regular files of any kind: PDF, MS Word docs, .zip, images, even Javascript files. You can basically protect any file with any extension!

Simply insert the tag below into a Wordpress post:


And when you view the post, what you will see is a link to your file.

For example: If your post has the following text...

Download my report: [s3mv]MyAwesomeReport.pdf,link[/s3mv]

Then when your member/visitor views the post, it will show up as:

Download my report: MyAwesomeReport.pdf

Users can then just click on the link, or do a "Right-Click, Save-As" and save the file to their computer.

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URL-Tags For Getting A "Secure, Expiring URL"

Use this tag to get back a secure, expiring and raw URL for your media file on S3, which you can then use to create your own HTML within your blog post - say to create your own image that says "Click here to download" that points to this expiring URL.

Simply insert the tag below into a Wordpress post:


And when you view the post, what you will see is the secure expiring URL a link to your file, like this:

http://s3mediavault.com.s3.amazonaws.com/YourAwesome Report.pdf?AWSAccessKeyId=1HPS101KFMM8&

(the whole thing is just 1 link without any spaces)

You can then put the following text into your blog post, wherever you want the above Expiring URL to show up.


Example A: If you enter the following text in a post...

<a href="[s3mv]MyAwesomeReport.pdf,url[/s3mv]">Click here to download my super-duper-freakin-awesome

Then when your member/visitor views the post, it will show up as:

Click here to download my super-duper-freakin-awesome report


Example B: Or if you enter this in your post:

<a href="[s3mv]MyAwesomeReport.pdf,url[/s3mv]"><img src="/images/download.jpg" alt="download image" width="50" height="50" align="middle">Click here to download</a>

Then when your member/visitor views the post, it will show up as:

download image Click here to download

Users can then just click on the link, or do a "Right-Click, Save-As" and save the file to their computer.

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Already using the JW Player? No Problem!

If you are already using the extremely popular (and probably a bit expensive) JW FLV Player, then you just make a small change to the JW JavaScript code that you paste into your blog posts, as follows:

<script type='text/javascript' src='/jw/swfobject.js'></script>
<div id='mediaspace'>Check Out My Cool New Video</div>
<script type='text/javascript'>
  var so = new SWFObject('/jw/player.swf','mpl','480','360','9');
  so.addVariable('author','Ravi Jayagopal');
  so.addVariable('description','Amazon S3 Plugin for JW Video Players');
  so.addVariable('type','video');    so.addVariable('file',escape('[s3mv]YOURVIDEO.flv,url[/s3mv]'));

View JW Player Demo

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Customize "AutoBuffer" and "AutoPlay" separately for each video

You want some videos to auto play. Like the videos on your squeeze pages.

On other pages, if you have a number of videos (like on your testimonials page, for example), you may want only the first one to autoplay, but none of the remaining videos should autoplay. In fact, you should not even try to autobuffer videos if you have more than a couple on a page, as buffering means you are paying for S3 download bandwidth.

So with the Video-Tags feature, you will be able to save on bandwidth, and also have more control on which videos play right away, and which should not even start loading to save on bandwidth costs.

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Customize "Width" and "Height" separately for each video

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Free Updates for 6 Months

Once you purchase the "Pro" version, you get ALL Updates, Bug Fixes, New Features, New Templates, and Upgrades - FREE for 6 Full Months!

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Priority Support

Simply open a ticket by going to http://DigitalAccessPass.com/support/ and you will hear from us within a few hours (usually within 2-4 hours).

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The Easiest WordPress Video Plugin
You Will Ever Use!

S3MediaVault Pro


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Not for use on client web sites.


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